About Being the Lighthouse

My path to Being the Lighthouse kicked off in 2014. All of my life I have felt drawn down this path. Its only taken me 4 years since then to build this website and begin sharing my light with the world!

I felt drawn throughout college to study other religions and different beliefs about the spiritual side of us. I wanted to understand what those people understood and how they saw the spiritual world. It always fascinated me. It still does. It probably always will!

In 2014 I was introduced to Trinity Energy Progression, became a practitioner and soon after was ordained as a Minister by Universal Life Church and as a Priest under the Order of Melchizedek through The Sanctuary of the Beloved.

Since then, I have practiced self work to expand myself and helped a few others with their own expansion and healing. I am always awed by the things that are shown.

This whole time I have felt the calling to do more. Now is the time to spread the light further. Being the Lighthouse is me reaching out, officially opening the doors and calling those that are led to the Lighthouse.

I love the symbolism of the lighthouse. They stand tall and shine their light into infinity as their light touches things beyond imagination. They guide those that need it, and protect them from rocky shores. The parallels to our own paths are undeniable!

I currently reside in Nebraska and am available in person, through email and through video conference. Please feel free to contact me through the contact methods on my home page!


For more information about:

Trinity Energy Progression:  http://trinityenergyprogression.com/

Sanctuary of the Beloved: http://goldenlionmedia.com/sotb/

Universal Life Church: https://www.ulc.org/